Newling Public School

Learning Together

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About our school

Newling Public School offers quality education in a caring, supportive environment.

The school has a dedicated, experienced staff and provides a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and a positive learning environment. We offer an excellent standard of education which focuses on the whole child and lifelong learning.

Newling Public School, established in 1974, is situated in the 'Education City' of Armidale. The school serves a diverse urban and rural community and reflects the strong values which our community upholds. 

Our school actively fosters a "family" atmosphere in which all pupils share equally, where parents and the general community are welcome and encouraged to participate and where the experienced staff are professionally committed and supportive of one another. 

The school ensures that all children are provided with the opportunity and skills to reach their potential and prepare them for the future through extensive academic, cultural, sporting and technological programs. 

The wonderful facilities and grounds also help maintain a happy, safe environment conducive to the learning, growth and development of all.

Success is assured through the ongoing evaluation and development of policies, programs and plans.